Multiplayer Terraria edition issues:

Issue 1: You can't see any Terraria game or only few Terraria games and your device language is not English.

Solution 1: Terraria game have localizations and if one game is in English and other game is in other language then one game can't see other game. Change your iOS device language to English (iOS Settings -> General -> Language & Region). Then you will see lot of Terraria games.

Issue 2: Can't connect to VPN. Error received - "The L2TP-VPN server did not respond. Try reconnecting. If the problem continues, verify your settings and contact your Administrator.

Solution 2

Problem can be related with your internet provider or your WiFi router settings. If you have access to your router please try to find something with "VPN passthrough" or "L2TP passthrough" and enable it.

In App Setup page try to use "Option 2" - OpenVPN. It will work without any WiFi router configuration changes.

Issue 3: You are connected to VPN but still getting error message in app that connection is not working.

Solution 3

If you are using L2TP connection. Connect to VPN and wait about 20 seconds. Then open our app. It is taking some time to establish data transfer (depends on your location). If you got warning then try to go back to main screen and go back into "Create game" or "Join game" screen.

If you are still getting warning then try to reconnect to VPN.

Please also try to use OpenVPN - "Option 2" in App Setup page.


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